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Tattoo Machine

The Great Tattoo Giveaway

For the past 2 years, I have been trying to raise money for my local homeless shelter in Boise, ID by selling 10k shirts (or just general merch items) from my merch store... and it has been a process for sure.

When the halfway mark (5k sales) and the final mark (10k sales) are reached respectively, I will pick a person who has entered for the giveaway at random, fly them out and put them in a nice hotel, give them a tattoo of their choosing valued at $1500 or less (up to them really), and then fly them home.

The lion's share* of the proceeds raised from the shirt sales with be donated to the Interfaith Homeless Shelter in Boise, ID. 

How to enter: you buy a shirt (or anything from my merch store really), you fill out the entry form.... boom! You must be 18+ to enter, it is open worldwide, you can choose to give the tattoo to someone else or just not do the tattoo and trip altogether.



*part of the proceeds will be used to pay for the flight and hotel of the two winners and the shop fee for each tattoo

As of 3/3/2023 we are 38% of the way to the final goal!

Giveaway Entry Form

Both winners with be randomly chosen in lottery/raffle fashion. Merch purchase is necessary to enter. One entry per purchase.

You're in!
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